Friday, April 21, 2006


Excitement: An emotional state characterized by its potential for impulsive or poorly controlled activity.

Hmmmm…..I would say that would accurately describe my last 24 hours. Obviously the drama at work yesterday started it. This morning, while getting ready to go to TS’s first dentist appointment my mom called to tell me to call her after my ultrasound (cause I might forget or something). I left TS brushing her teeth in the bathroom during this conversation. I was gone for no more then 5 minutes top. When I came back she’d smeared toothpaste (pink, of course) all over the sink and had a glob in her hand which she promptly put in her mouth & swallowed. I yelled at her, but didn’t think much of it. (She’s done this once before.) Not 5 minutes later she’s sitting on her bed crying about her mouth hurting. I thought it was chapped lips (she has a real problem with this), and went to get the Vaseline, which didn’t help. She was pointing to the inside of her mouth & then all the sudden she’s barfing up pink. OH GOD! (How much of that crap did she swallow??? Obviously more then the amount I’d seen.) TS doesn’t throw up. She’s spit up food before, but I don’t think the kid has even had the barfing flu in her short 3 years. I’m a lot like that too. If she’s throwing up, something is wrong. Since we were supposed to be going to the dentist anyway I called them. They said it was probably fine since it was coming up (if it isn’t coming up that’s when there’s a problem,) but suggested I call poison control to be sure. Poison control basically said the same thing, but also added that if she wanted something I should give her some milk or something with calcium to absorb it. (That’s your little PSA out of this.) Needless, we didn’t have our first dentist appointment today. And I got to do a shitload of laundry instead.

So then I go to my ultrasound and doctor’s appointment.

I can read a little of the report (acromyms) on the ultrasound and gather that the baby is only 5.75 lbs and based on measurements her due date is 5/28. That is 18 days past my current due date. That does not make me happy. It also makes me a bit worried.

I haven't gained any more weight, (I lost the 5 I had gained, so I'm only up 10 total), my amniotic fluid is on the border of being considered low, which the doctor says at this point usually does not improve. About the weight, the doctor said I probably just have small babies. She said for later pregnancy ultrasounds they’re looking for baby size, but due date is best predicted at 20 weeks, pretty much everyone’s baby is the same size at that time. Whew! She’s not pushing me out.

The amniotic fluid level, my weight gain & baby size are all indications that my placenta may not be functioning as well as they'd like, soooo, they think it'd be better for her to come out sooner rather then later. She pulled me off work as of today.

I am being induced on Thursday (April 27) if I don't go before that.

During my exam she tried to strip my membranes to see if she could get things moving (I know TMI, bye all male readers). I have been spotting since (I don't typically do this from an exam, so it's notable.) I'm not sure if I'm "leaking" because it always seems like I am after an exam. (I'm trying not to gross you out, I could’ve been more detailed then that.) I'm also having contractions since the exam, but that may or may not mean anything considering I've been having contractions for the last damn six weeks or so.

I am 3 cm & 80% effaced. (Still doesn’t really mean anything. What I think it means is when I do go there’s a good chance it’ll be fast. With TS I was 0 when I got the hospital & my damn water had broken.)

There’s a decent chance I'm having a baby in the next 24 hours, but probably not till Thursday.
I’ll let you know if anything happens.

Guess you’ll have to wait one more day for Easter & Wiggle’s pix.

I can’t deal with much more excitement.