Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today's Forecast: More Showers! Oh yeah, the weather too!

I started to write this last night, but after getting the pix to post I was too tired to proof it, (yes, the spelling & grammar is usually crappier then what you actually get,) read it and try and organize the pix so it looked somewhat coherent. So (sadly) this is better then what you would’ve gotten.

These are the pix from my family shower that my SIL threw for me. It was very fun, the food was great, the only thing that might have made it better is if I could’ve had some alcohol (cause doesn’t a cocktail make everything better?). There was champagne for everyone else, so I’m sure they felt it was perfect.

Cool cake, huh?

Once again I am overwhelmed with the gifts that I received.

This is the quilt to the bedding.

Very cute, no?

My SIL made me a baby book (scrapbook). She's extemely talented. She posts on 2peas if you want to see more of her stuff. I've made these for people before, but I've never had one made for me. I got all teary over it.

TS & her cousin S. They adore each other. Yes, we dressed them alike.

This is SIL & I.