Saturday, April 08, 2006

Picture Perfect (something like that)

So as I write I am in the process of uploading photos to our personal photo place. I have chosen not to link from here (like a Flicker account or something) because I am paranoid & fear hackers could look at pictures of my family that I’m not ok with, and then also be able to figure out things like our real names, where we live, etc…

Why so paranoid? In our old house a neighbor’s 6YO granddaughter was “tagged” by a pedophile (registered sex offender). Her daddy is a cop for a local PD & caught the guy outside her room, messing with the window screen. Once caught the PD ascertained that the guy had been stalking their little girl for a while now and while he was going to jail at that time, he would eventually get out. The only way to avoid him in the future was to effectively “disappear”. “Once your child has been “tagged” they’re pretty much obsessed with that child.” Nice, huh? So he’s a cop and the other cops tell him the only way to truly protect his child is to move, change her school, etc… So now you understand why I don’t give out too much information?

Not sure why I shared all that, just in a sharing mood I guess. Lucky you Internet!
The uploading of pictures and all made me think of it.

Anyway, like I said, I’m uploading photos, so I have some time to kill. And speaking of sharing: here’s your view (FINALLY) of the home. Yes! Pictures of the remodel. I also have pictures of BS’s room which I finished putting together on Friday (Yeah Me! And Yeah My Mom who came & helped me knock it out!) But those are not the pictures I’m uploading. (It’ll be at least 2 months after the baby’s born before I actually post those. At least, from my track record so far.) So here you go! Yes, please tell my house is beautiful…(it needs to be considering our tax bill from the capital gains we are paying this year in order to acquire and fix up this house.) Happy Viewing! (Ok, you just got the kitchen & entryway for now. I hate uploading pix, it's so damn slooooow! I'm tired. More later.)

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Entryway Before:

Entryway After: